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Why Should You Choose Vtiny Hosting?

2020-03-24 19:05

Difficult to choose a web host, there are several and it's easy to get lost. Especially since everyone claims to be the best! How to choose ? Here is what characterizes Vtiny Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting

Vtiny Hosting specializes in offering shared web hosting. Recall that a shared web hosting is intended for small and medium-sized websites since the resources of the web servers are shared between the different customers.


Low-Cost Packages

Vtiny Hosting aims to offer the cheapest shared web hosting packages on the market! Our strategy: offer small packages (disk space and bandwidth). But beware, no compromise on quality! Our target clientele: small businesses and individuals. Don't think these packages are too small for you! For more details : How Much Disk Space and Bandwidth Do You Really Need?


No Long-Term Contracts

No long-term web hosting contract with Vtiny Hosting. You are free to transfer your services at any time at no additional cost, in addition to taking advantage of our anytime money back policy: Full refund within 30 days or prorated refund of your unused service.


Efficient Web Hosting

No Vtiny Hosting server is overloaded! We ensure that we have a limited and balanced number of clients on each of our servers, which guarantees good performance for all our clients at all times. Our A2 Hosting servers are fast, reliable and secure. For more details : Server and Network Infrastructure


Current Languages ​​and Technologies

Rare web hosts offer the latest web technologies on the market. At Vtiny Hosting, we offer you a large choice of programming languages ​​(PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Perl) and database systems (MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite). For more details : Supported Languages ​​and Technologies


Full Control Over your Web Hosting

You will be completely autonomous in your web hosting management through the powerful cPanel control panel, a leader in the world of shared web hosting. Manage your files, FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, SSL certificates, scheduled tasks and more! For more details : cPanel Control Panel

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